Football betting stats and data are freely available from many online sources. We do not collect our own data because there is no need – everything we need to make our selections is already available online. It’s not the data itself but the way you use it that is the key to successful football betting.

If you are on the waiting list for our free membership, you may like to familiarise yourself with the various stats websites that we use. Please note that you will not need to use these yourself in order to follow our selections, because all the work and analysis will have been done for you. However some people like to know more information about where the bets come from, and maybe try to come up with some selection methods of their own.

We do not publish the exact details of our selection criteria. As you’ll appreciate, these are extremely valuable and if they fall into the wrong hands it could be damaging to both us and our members. However we will happily share details about the websites that we get our information from. Feel free to check them out if you are interested.