How It Works

At Football-Bets.Info we practice a value betting approach.

To do this, we use our own unique statistical analysis techniques to calculate the probability of each outcome of a football betting market. We then convert this probability to a “true” odds that would best represent the likelihood of the outcome. Next we build in a minimum profit margin to each outcome to work out the minimum acceptable odds for us to bet.

But that’s not all….

Many betting services try to calculate value odds, and then bet blindly on every one. Mathematically, this should be profitable, and there is nothing wrong with taking such an approach if you have sufficient funds, and a very cool head. However you can have long losing runs which can severely test your bank and staking plan, as well as your own personal resolve.

Other services rely on using betting offers such as free bets or enhanced odds in order to create value artificially. But they don’t tell you that most of these offers are only available once, when you open a new account. And even when that isn’t the case, they ignore the practical issues of bookmakers reducing your stakes when you win too much from their offers.

Do you really want to bet on every team or outcome just because it’s value, even if you’ve lost your last 9 bets and everything you know is screaming at you that this bet is likely to lose? Most people wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to do it.

Or do you want to follow a system where you’re constantly trying to fight against the bookies to stop them closing or limiting your accounts? Or where you’re forced to open new accounts in other people’s names just to claim the bonuses you need?

At Football-Bets.Info we appreciate that human beings have emotions, and that some people have limited resources. Therefore, we attempt to combine value betting with form study and research. We understand the relationship between probability and odds, and we use that knowledge to our advantage – and yours! The result is that we have fewer bets than the pure value betting services, but our bets are more likely to win and therefore we have a much better strike rate.

We do not collect our own data, there is no need. With so many statistical websites already out there, you’ll find that all the stats we use are already available to the public. So rather than re-invent the wheel, we use the resources that are already out there, but in a unique way. If you want to try it for yourself without joining us, you can see the stats we use and take a look at them for yourself.

Otherwise, you can join us and see if we can help you make a profit from your football betting.