Free Football Betting Service

How can you use freely available data to make a regular profit from betting on the top European soccer leagues? Let us help you turn football betting into a profitable second income.

We are offering a completely free tipping service via e-mail. There are no subscription charges and nothing to pay – ever. We will e-mail our tips to you and you can choose whether or not you want to follow them.

How Does It Work?

At Football-Bets.Info we use a unique approach which is actually a combination of probability and form analysis.

Traditionally there are two approaches to football betting. Some prefer to scrutinize form to pick the most likely outcome. Others prefer a “value betting” approach which seeks to back an outcome where odds are higher than the true probability of the outcome occurring, irrespective of what the actual probability is.

There are disadvantages to both approaches. We prefer to have the best of both.

We combine the statistical analysis and odds used by value betting, with the form analysis used by tipsters. The result is a highly targeted betting strategy that provides a very high success rate, but with all bets placed at value odds.

Get Our Selections Free For Life

We’ll show you how you can do exactly the same. And what’s more, during certain periods, we open our doors to a very limited number of subscribers and offer them our selections absolutely free – for life!

What You Need To Do

You won’t need to sign up with a vast number of bookmakers, but you will need to spend just 10 minutes opening a small number of betting accounts. You can search for the bookmakers yourself, or just work your way down the list of top 10 free bets┬áto speed things up. It only takes a few minutes to open an account, and it’s free.

We use a small number of the most popular and reliable bookmakers to place our bets. We don’t use unregulated or unknown bookies – we can make plenty of money betting with the established names, and we get free bets from them too. You won’t need a huge bank either, because our strike rate is so high.

Our longest ever losing run was 5 bets, but you can see our progress for yourself on the chart above. Even if you’d started part way through our cycle, your account would be well in profit! We will also help you decide on your betting bank and how much of it to stake on each bet. If you want to read up on this in advance there is a good article on betting banks here.

So spend just a few minutes now and decide whether this is something you’re interested in. Browse through our site to see how we do it, and if you are interested in joining, pre-register your interest and we will contact you when our free memberships are next available.